Click through rates, CPM’s, conversion rate, bounce rates, page views,

All valuable data.

And if you are running digital marketing campaigns, you’ll see over and over again when browsing the back end of your site or ad management platforms.

They’re easily overlooked, and often people sit there and look at it as a load of numbers they know very little about...

In the science of marketing, the art of sales is often lost, and we forget the fundamental basics that sales all come down to only a couple of factors...

Trust and authority being the main two.

And what builds trust and authority with prospects?


Let’s take a car for instance.

The problem solved is being able to get from A to B safely and quickly. That reduces the emotion of stress in your life which makes you happy.

Then, there’s other factors of what car.

Maybe you buy a Mercedes because if makes you feel like you have a status, that you’re cooler and people will think more of you because of that meaning you're more confident. 

In one example we have so many emotions.

Safety, reduction of stress, happiness, confidence, reduced insecurities,  the list could go on.

We also have the demonstration of trust and authority of why in this scenario you chose a Mercedes.

I'm sure you can relate in some way and you get the point sales = trust, authority, solving problems and emotion.

However this is also what so many businesses forget.

They forget that leads are people and all marketing activity to build emotion. They forget that click through rates failing are a clear demonstration of emotional benefits not being met to get people to the next stage.

The beauty of understanding someone’s emotional status has been desensitised from people sitting behind computers and selling rather than sitting in front of a prospect and listening to them.

The same can be said when people share content on social media.

Think about it...

A friend sharing a video isn’t just a friend sharing a video.

It’s a friend sharing an emotion that they have attached to that video.

Much like the army homecoming videos which we all love to watch because of how it makes us feel. The science of marketing isn’t in our opinion being the best technical wizard going (of course that helps) and knowing every single piece of tech going.

To get transformational results with marketing it comes down to interpreting data into human emotion.

Here’s a basic example...

Let’s say you have a super simple sales funnel for an online course. Nothing fancy for the sake of this (if you want to checkout why traditional marketing funnels are costing you money click here).

The funnel looks like this:

You’re simply running traffic to a website, from there you want them to click the sales page and from there the checkout page to purchase.

There’s some basic data to look at:

At each stage most marketers will ask themselves how to increase each percentage and take more people from seeing the advert and making the appropriate actions across the funnel.

They’ll think about using different images, different copy or even optimising pages…

All very valid and must be done.

However they all miss a stage...

They forget that all this data isn’t just numbers but human emotion.

If someone is or isn’t clicking there’s an emotional decision behind it. There’s a reason not enough trust and authority is being built and it's your job to find out what.

Or maybe it doesn’t fully resonate with the problem they want to solve and the messaging isn’t strong enough.

The point being before reading the latest digital marketing blog on go to landing pages put yourself into the shoes of the demographic, think of the emotions they need to feel in order to make a transaction and look where those are not being made.

We promise you doing it this way will create much better results.

After all every single transactional purchase is firstly made emotionally before the credit card comes out and as brands who market you should never forget that.