The average person needs about 1.7 seconds before deciding if your ad deserves their attention, so to achieve your conversion and revenue goals, you'll most likely need high-quality ad creatives to make that necessary impact and urge your prospect to take action.

Depending on your brand and campaign that you’re running, different types of images will help you ensure you're covering all bases and testing thoroughly to ensure your creatives are appealing to a wide variety of potential customers.

In this article, I’ll show you 5 types of ad images we’ve created recently for e-commerce that work in their own unique ways to increase clicks and engagement so you can apply them to your campaigns.

Let's jump in!

1.Product Focused 

Product focused imagery can be a powerful creative angle in any well thought out advertising campaign.

But beware -poor lighting and awkward composition can damage the way customers view your brand or particular product.

Ensure your product images are high resolution and quality.

My advice is to keep it bright, authentic and avoid over photoshopped images.  

2. Lifestyle

These images work best to communicate the lifestyle and experience you associate with your brand.

Modern customers crave authenticity more than ever, and they want more than ever to buy from companies that they feel are transparent, trustworthy and share the same ideals and values as they do.

Lifestyle images can encapsulate this messaging perfectly whilst not looking like a conventional ad.

3. Content Based

Content based imagery, much like Lifestyle imagery, can introduce prospective customers to your brand in a very natural and authentic way.

These can be used to direct prospects to your site to read long form and / or short form content associated with your products or brand, with the short term goal of having them purchase whilst on site during that same session, or being retargeted down the line with more direct to sale ads.

A longer prospective customer cycle, but one that should be in any e-comm businesses' arsenal of ongoing advertising campaigns alongside direct to sale ads.

4. Graphic Heavy

Graphic heavy imagery is good to test against more 'on brand' and natural imagery within your campaigns.

Yes - even if it does go against your branding guidelines! 

Because at the end of the day, all your images are there to do is to 'sell the click'.

To capture the attention of your prospective customer and get them to take action on your ad.

Use strong colours, interesting fonts and imagery to make your image stand out against your prospective customers crowded newsfeed for best opportunity to test against any lifestyle and / or natural imagery you may have within your existing campaigns.

5. Collages

An image collage is often a good way to display a group of lifestyle and / or product focused images in one place for your brand.

It's also an easy creative to turn into a carousel!

This style of image can also give you the chance to eliminate some of the practical concerns your potential buyers might feel about your products and reduces the resistance to buy within one single image. 

Such as quality, functionality, price and portability.

And there you have it!

5 examples of ecomm images that you should be using in your campaigns!

Candice Gill

Candice is one of the key players within the creative team at SV-Marketing. When she's not crafting awesome images or landing pages for our clients you can find her rocking out to some old school rock! 🤘🤘🤘