Lowbrow Customs


Born in 2004 from a love of vintage motorcycles and a frustration with the lack of reliable companies offering high quality parts, Lowbrow Customs started with a homemade website, a backyard garage deep in Brunswick, Ohio, and a strong focus on incredible customer service, technical support and the highest quality parts and accessories.

Lowbrow customs grew initially through being a large part of the custom motorcycle culture, heading to small hot-rod shows around the midwest and hosting some crazy events.

As they grew quicker and quicker they experimented with digital strategies but couldn’t get social ads providing adequate profit.

We undertook an audit of their current marketing efforts and the digital side of their business as a whole and identified some key areas we could instantly make an improvement, bring in extra sales and amplify their other marketing efforts.


Generate a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 500% or more.

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Implement specific retargeting systems to increase the site conversion rate.

Increase the digital presence of the brand.

Build out evergreen campaigns to predictably generate sales.

Founder Of Lowbrow Customs


The Solution

Create a multi-phase retargeting ecosystem maximising the amount of people who visit the website that end up making a purchase. Implement a full testing procedure at every step of the user journey, testing offers, angles, mediums, creatives and much more to understand what moved their prospects on a deeper level. Utilise social media campaigns to amplify their offers and drive a much larger volume of sales through. Completely overhaul their social media marketing to implement our ecosystem approach. Overhaul their current tracking systems to ensure every penny spent on social ads was being tracked and accounted for.

The Results


  • Profitability scaled ad spend by 241%
  • Increased revenue by 40%
  • Increased orders by 21%
  • Increased average order value by 17%
  • Consecutive 7 figure months
  • Biggest recorded sales month
  • Biggest recorded sales day


  • 14.87% Ecommerce Conversion Rate
  • 7.01% Unique Click Through Rate
  • 32,790 purchases generated
  • $16.33 overall average Cost Per Purchase
  • $115.54 average order value
  • 1200% ROI from Facebook ads
  • 2300% ROI from Google ads
  • 3.91% ad spend to revenue
  • $535,655.80 profitably spent

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