Most companies (or individuals) focus solely on driving traffic from one source. 

IE: Only using Facebook ads as the main source of revenue.

Now, whilst Facebook ads are extremely powerful, you’re spreading yourself thin by using one traffic channel to increase revenue for your business.

Instead, you need to focus on the bigger picture and develop multi-channel ecosystems when it comes to a complete online marketing plan.

Here are some common questions we’ve seen from people looking to maximise their digital marketing results, but don’t know where to begin.     

If my Facebook ads are working, why should I focus on more channels? 

By creating a larger ecosystem across multiple platforms, it will ensure your business can run no matter what’s happening on one platform. 

Meaning you can get a better understanding where the most profitable pool of customers are coming from, and not be held back by just the performance achieved from a single platform i.e. Facebook. 

What other sources of traffic should I focus on?

In short, have your business everywhere. 

With new platforms being created every day and the daily volume throughout each only increasing, you really want to have your business everywhere you can (within reason) and be able to reach individuals no matter what platform they are using. 

This means having:

Even testing things such as:

By having Ecosystems built out for each platform (at least an organic strategy paired with 2 of the top advertising platforms for retargeting) you are able to reach more of your dream customers and not just be dependent on interruption-based marketing if only using Facebook ads. 

So where's a good place to start?

Having an interruption-based ecosystem such as Facebook & Instagram ads running for cold prospecting is the perfect place to begin developing your digital marketing strategy, whilst also using strong retargeting campaigns to re-engage the cold traffic will maximise your return on ad spend. 

Then having highly relevant and built out retargeting campaigns to target customers at every stage of the sales funnel process, from top-funnel down you’ll ensure maximum conversion rate at every stage of your funnel.

Using Google Ads as your search intent-based marketing ecosystem, you can reach individuals that are searching for an exact service/product, then use this data to funnel into your interruption-based marketing systems for even greater returns on ad spend. 

**QUICK TIP - Using search query data from google you can find out exactly what your target demographic’s needs and wants are, then create highly specific and relevant ads using this info for even greater effect.**

By using Google Ads to generate search internet-based queries, you can then retarget those highly relevant individuals across the main social channels as well as creating lookalikes from the Facebook pixel being on-page and collecting data.

What’s Next?

When you have your Google Ads & Organic Search campaigns running alongside your Facebook & Instagram interruption-based ecosystems and they have proven to be profitable, you can begin to widen your reach. 

Spreading your digital marketing strategy across all the platforms listed above, combined with a built-out ecosystem for each platform will ensure maximum results in any campaign you decide to run. 

Having your digital marketing strategy mapped out, planned and executed in this way will ensure that if your results stagnate and decline across one platform, you’ll have multiple different data sources to keep revenue going across the lifespan of your marketing ecosystem.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, don’t rely on one traffic source. Separate yourself from the rest and reach your customers anytime, anywhere. 

Also, make sure what you’re retargeting when doing so is super relevant to where the user has left off or the specific item they were previously looking at, as this will allow your conversion rate to remain high and sales to continuously flow.