In case you have been living under a rock, you will be aware that TikTok arrived on the social scene, and started to largely impact the way in which we consume and create content.

Not only this, TikTok has continuously challenged rivaling social media platforms in the ultimate battle for attention.

“That app” for dancing teens has quickly evolved into a primary source for information and entertainment.

Youtube introduced “Shorts” and Instagram pushed “Reels”, as a method of emulating the traction TikTok has generated. 

These features and adaptions will assist maintaining interaction, but it certainly hasn’t stopped the attention going to TikTok.

So, it looks like TikTok are putting up a good fight!

But it’s not just social platforms who are in trouble.

It has recently been noted that people are now searching on TikTok rather than Google. 

Yes, you read that right. That incredible search engine created in the 90s is also under threat by the new kid on the block.

TikTok was originally the discovery platform. A place to be introduced to new things that you’re currently unaware of. Whether that be a new dance, new music, public affairs, or that anyone with your phone number joined the platform (Yes, your coworkers will be shown your TikToks if they have your number.)

Google’s Search Engine on the other hand, was and IS a place to learn more information about a topic you already have an active interest oin. Something front of mind shall we say.

However, with the way people are starting to behave, TikTok is being utilised for both discovery and information gathering. 

As more creators have piled onto the platform providing more valuable content, educating others on their expertise, this trend will only continue.

Which is why your business needs to be on TikTok and posting regularly, in order to stay head of the curve and grow among the times. 

We’ve all heard about SEO. But it has typically been associated and deployed for Google Rankings. 

It’s now time to unleash a TikTok SEO strategy! Here is what we suggest: (and will be implementing ourselves!)

  • Create engaging content that is genuinely valuable to your target audience. Whether you know how to make people laugh, consider or trust, you should be testing different styles of video. Stick to your niche but post short funny clips as well as informative, insightful videos. Sticking to one limits discoverability.
  • Use trending sounds and popular hashtags. Sounds are literally what makes trends pop off. As most trends are generated by sounds, and when a trend is hot, views and visibility heightens. Hashtags work in the same way as google keywords. By including them in your video description, you increase the chances of engaging people interested in that keyword or topic.  
  • Optimise your thumbnails. Ever noticed how everyone on Youtube has a shocked face? Yes. well it entices clicks. And so should your TikTok thumbnail. Don’t just use the autogenerated thumbnail because your video will be ignored when people are scrolling through videos via hashtags and sounds.
  • Use captions and text on your videos. If you don’t have the time to create custom captions and text on alternate apps, then you can use TikTik’s caption function which automatically creates captions for your videos. Or you can use the Text-To-Speech feature if your video has no audio. Either way, this improves interaction rate A LOT. 
  • Once you build a following of 1,000 followers, add your website link in your bio. Engaging people with valuable content is great, but don’t forget to move popel through your funnel. 
  • Build customer loyalty by responding directly to comments. If someone comments on your video, you can respond directly to that comment with a personal video. This builds trust as well as a strong rapport with your audience, as well as increasing visibility for more people to come across your account.
  • Brainstorm controversial topics within your niche to use as context in your videos and use open open ended questioms to encourage interaction. It’s simple, more interaction = increased discoverability. 
  • Advertise your tiktok profile on your existing socials. If you have spent a lot of time and effort in building an audience on other social platforms, make sure you alarm your audience about your presence on TikTok. This adds another touch point and helps increase your views/following. 

Is this the beginning of a gigantic shift in online activity? There’s certainly a clear indication, but only time will well.

The best thing personal brands and companies can do to invite that shift, is to be prepared for it!

... And before you object with “My audience isn’t on TikToK”

53% of tiktok users are over the age of 30, it's not for "youngsters" as many people believe and is seen to be downloaded more by older people as time progresses.

It was the most downloaded app of 2021 with 656 million downloads and the average user opens tiktok 19 times per day.

Which is exactly why we are even jumping on the bandwagon by deploying a TikTok content strategy. Follow us on TikTok @TheRealSVGroup. 

Tyler Wait

Tyler is the Senior Account Manager here at SV. He is responsible for scaling our e-commerce clients, developing ecosystems and creating awesome ad campaigns. Tyler first joined SV at 19 years of age and is fascinated by buyer psychology. When he’s not working, you can find him on the golf course, playing football or breaking girls' hearts.