‘Glutes’...who would’ve thought they would be so powerful when it comes to running sales ads for female audiences in the fitness niche. Butt seriously, they’re obsessed!  

The Beginning Of A Great Discovery

Think about it, every purchasing decision is a journey itself made by a single human with the intention of the customers making a confident purchasing decision for the client’s product. And the aim for a perceived relationship to begin to build between the brand and the consumer - being much more valuable in the long run. 

Without putting into consideration the numerous subconscious factors that are weighed up in their head before filling in their card details, it’s not until that very moment, when enough trust and confidence is gained that your product will achieve their desired outcomes.

Before we can get them to this stage, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of our potential customers to understand their daily niggles, thoughts and perceptions that we can implement into testing angles to aid towards them building authority in the brand. 

For one of our fitness clients, we took their potential customers on a journey through a series of campaign stages to test various angles with the intention of purchasing the same product. We used different content that needed different levels of commitment from the customers needed to consume to understand their level of commitment towards the brand and eventually lead them through to the final purchase. 

Using Facebook and Instagram sales ads we provided value to the customer by educating them on the benefits of the product whilst overcoming any potential obstacles they may face to build a level of trust and authority.

Same Product...Different Angles...Different Results 

Firstly, we use an event-based campaign that runs for a series of days to provide content at a commitment level of 3 that we can then try and move them into the next level being the sale. The customers that have opted into the event have signalled a level of interest on the topic that will build authority in the brand and will aid towards their purchase intent levels at the next stage. 

Earlier in the year, our client hosted a free 5-day event that utilised the angle of building healthy habits through the way we move, weekly structures, nutritional planning and guidance, and covering topics that we may all struggle with… self control. 

As earlier mentioned, the purpose of the content we provide is based around understanding our potential customer and providing them content for them to build trust and a perceived relationship with (which I’m sure many of us could benefit from this event). We gathered a total of 1,130 leads at a low cost of £1.07 per lead.

5-Day Healthy Habits Results

Then when we discovered the ‘Power of Glutes’. 

Recently, our client hosted a Free 4-Day Glute Event that targeted female-only audiences with ads that were focussed solely on the glutes. The Glute Event consisted of a series of live streaming videos hosted by the client that provided valuable content to overcome obstacles viewers may be experiencing with their glute growth. 

We used relevant and personalised messaging in our sales ads where we focus them around all aspects of the glutes that provided purpose and value to the customers, whereby a huge, 3,214 customers opted-in to the event each costing a low £0.76 each. These results performed well from a combination of it’s £4.85 CPM and 4.21% CTR, that converted at a great rate of 66.65%. This clearly shows the importance of continuously implementing new testing angels when finding a hole in results. 

4-Day Glute Event Results 

What did we do differently?

It’s simple, you need to understand your potential customer and show them relevant content. You need to always be testing different angles when running campaigns that may not necessarily be getting the results you want or just simply aren’t working. 

We used creatives that appealed to the specific audience we were targeting covering their needs, wants desires and obstacles. We segmented our ads into 5 different audience segments where we tested styles of copy and creatives to discover the best performing within each audience that appeals to them. 

This was clearly shown from our 2 top-performing audiences generating the most amount of leads from the 5 audiences used. Our Hardcore Fitness interest audiences solely generating a huge 1,014 leads, with our Broad audience reaching providing relevancy in our sales ads for them to be inclined to opt-in. 

We used 5 styles of copy variants that use angles on various pain and pleasure points that can be directed to the audience whilst appealing to specific sets of needs, wants, desires and obstacles. For both our top-performing audiences we had one copy style that was a clear winner. 

This copy variant was able to convert our audiences at a huge 81.43% gathered from the link clicks. 

By headlining the copy with “Do You Feel Frustrated At The Lack Of Results You’re Seeing From Your Glute Training Regime…? 🤔” we’ve instantly attracted the reader using a pain point that has shown to immediately appeal to the customer for them to then show interest in the event and opt-in. 

The copy then follows by directing them straight away to signing up to the event through the link, whilst addressing what they will receive when joining with the outcome to “achieve your fitness goals and fall back in love with training again. 🙌”. The copy then leads on by addressing urgency through alerting a closing date of the event to join “so don’t miss out on your chance to get that glute boost you’ve been looking for!”. 

(Bet you’re regretting not signing up).

You see how we’ve taken the customer through a journey itself in the copy, first highlighting a pain they may be experiencing, taking them through the benefits and outcomes then hitting them with scarcity so they have no other choice but to sign up now or they miss out on overcoming their glute obstacles.  

It is interesting because we usually see longer form copy to perform better however, this was even one of our shorter variants of copy that performed well using direct language...that’s the Power of Glutes. 

Like we said, different creatives work for different audiences depended on the messaging used and relevancy towards them. Although we had 1 clear winner in copy style, we noticed different creatives performed better for these audiences. 

For our Hardcore Fitness audience, a professional image was our top performer that focuses on our client performing a glute exercise highlighting ‘Join The 4-Day Glute Group Event Now’ performed the best. This image had the highest CTR amongst the image creatives at 1.81% and able to convert the audience at a high 59.40%. This shows this image is providing relevancy towards our Hardcore Fitness audience for obvious reason. Interestingly, this image variant was one of our weaker performing creative in our Broad audience.

Whereas, for our Broad audience the video creative outperformed the image creatives. The video consists of the client addressing women that are failing to build bigger glutes not from lack of time, effort, or dedication but a lack of support, guidance and knowledge. Here is where the broad audience was drawn into the sales ad provided relevancy for them to sign-up. This worked successfully for our Broad audience as they are more likely to require a bit more value from the sales ads whereby the video provides value and being the top performer for this audience. 

Where do we go from here?

Now we have 3,192 customers that have signed up to the event that has signalled interest in the topic of ‘Glutes and the brand which we will then aim to move them up to a higher level of commitment where we can get segmented with our messaging to make it even more personalised in our sales ads and sales page.

Moving onto the next level of commitment, we targeted the customers that joined the 4-day glute event after building trust and authority in the brand from the content provided with a 14 Day Free VIP Membership Trial. 

This free membership trial is a great way to gently guide them into a sale rather than forcefully pushing them to a final purchase where they would be more inclined to drop off if they do not think their money is worth the value. By offering an exclusive offer only for them for joining the glute event is a way of saying thank you and giving the customer back appreciation and control. 

With no surprise… The Power of Glutes made their buying decision much easier.

Our client received 231 purchases from the customers that joined the Glute Group event at an exceptionally low £8.72 per purchase (that’s more than 3x slower than our target CPA)!

Again, our shorter copy style was our top performer showing that our audience received enough value from the event that they didn’t need much convincing from the sales ads to make their 14 Day Free Trial purchase. In the ads, we directed them to a sales page that was focused around the glute event and did the majority of the selling with a high conversion rate of 22%.

We’ve Found The Key...

We recently finished running a 6 Week Christmas Challenge for our client that requires a higher level of commitment from the customer to be inclined to commit to a challenge for a longer period. This requires the customer to purchase the VIP Membership for 2 months to be able to join the challenge. 

We received 154 purchases from our male and female audiences using a wide range of copy and creative variants, and we planned to run a variety of testing angles to give us more data as to which works best for this particular challenge. The testing structure consisted of:

Of course, we also tested Glute Angle ads and sales page after recently generating great results, it would be rude not to. Can you guess which of our testing angles performed the best…

The Glutes! (shock). 

The top-performing copy style used a similar style from our Glute Event using pain and pleasure points that have continued to provide great results with the lowest price per purchase across all campaigns. We implemented a new glute angle video into this campaign which we ran a risk of not having tested before in the glute event. This was our top-performing creative by gathering 21 purchases at an exceptionally low average of £12.56 each. 

If you’re in the fitness industry and targeting females, then why not give the Glute angle a try for yourself and see what results you grow.