I see it so many times that brands go through the motions, stick with what they know and introduce minimal risk, simply because it’s “safer”...

We’ve all heard the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” (something that I definitely live by myself!) but that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity around every corner.

And what’s working isn’t necessarily what’s going to scale!

Yes, you should have a base of evergreen ads that will likely remain consistent and continue to prospect new customers throughout the year, but leveraging occasions and new angles allow you to appeal to different segments of your audience. 

I mean, you’d likely tailor ads for Black Friday, so why not Halloween for example?

One of our clients has the ability to adapt their product in design and theme, allowing them to tailor their best-selling products to be unique, limited-edition and scarce in their demand as people are willing to spend more for something they need less, quite simply, because it’s “f**king cool”. 

That diversification has allowed us to:

  • Design awesome, creative & diverse images that more effectively draw attention within Facebook and Instagram which are heavily reliant on interrupting the consumer’s scroll.
  • Explore new copy angles that are highly relevant to the holiday and learn more about our consumers as a result.
  • Appeal to an audience that may not necessarily desire our products without this unique design or theme, increasing the scalability of the ad account during these times.

As a result, we have seen the performance of this new campaign generate a 478% ROAS in comparison to the 230% average we have been seeing recently within our cold ads on this particular account.

This shows the impact that tailoring your products to an event or occasion can have on your performance, even if only for a short period of time.

While the above two campaigns are on a very different scale, the difference is that the Halloween specific campaign has had very little optimisation and instead, has been scaled to reflect the performance achieved throughout its delivery. Whereas the Blackout Campaign has been whittled down to best-performing audiences and yet is producing consistent results that are far from the campaign with a unique and limited-edition product.

Now I appreciate that not all products have the adaptability that others do.

But there are other ways that you can look to diversify your product range without the need to even create new variations of your product. 

Examples include:

  • Simply tailoring your product to a holiday - Your product doesn’t need to be related to the holiday season for you to take advantage. If your product can be a gift, any season can relate, but the ads often simply do better because they’re relevant and tailored to the consumer's desires at that time of year.
  • Creating a product bundle - By simply grouping your products you can put them together to suit a specific consumer need. This means that you can create a sales funnel that appeals to a specific avatar within your audience and so will likely convert at a much higher rate.
  • Introducing a limited time product - This doesn’t have to be huge, but look at your product line and identify something that adds value to your product and either offer it as an upsell or again as a bundle or freebee. This will instantly give people more reason to invest in your product.

But even with these efforts in place, there are still things you should be looking to do in order to maximise the opportunity!

Key efforts include:

  • Individual product pages tailored to the avatars needs/wants.
  • Adapted products/designs to create a limited-edition product which evokes scarcity.
  • Relevant copy and images based around the event, usually creating more whacky and inventive angles and eye-catching imagery.
  • Expanding your audiences to your events or angles. An example would be targeting people who are ‘In A Relationship’ throughout the Valentine’s Day period.

So what I’m saying is…

Make the most of every opportunity, it’s a lot of work, but each holiday will come around again, and every angle that works simply builds your cold prospecting that much more. So adapt, build and learn with each new campaign.

If you want to hear more about some of our tailored marketing efforts, please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help your business make the most of every opportunity!

Kaine Dimech

Kaine is a Senior Account Manager here at SV. He manages multiple ad accounts, implements our ecosystems and liaises with all departments to ensure our clients get incredible results. “Mr Malta” has represented his country playing rugby. He also has an unhealthy obsession with Bierkeller and can be found falling off tables singing “Come On Eileen” on the weekends.