There's many elements that go into any successful online marketing campaign.

But your sales page, can really make the difference when it comes to ensuring that anyone who does interact with your front facing ad, takes the desired action once they've entered your sales funnel.

In this post I'll walk you through our most recent sales page buildout for 'Supercharge Your Socials®', a service based product created by Simon Howard 'SNHFoto' to sell packaged social media shoots to influencers, business owners and Fitness Professionals.

Let's take a look shall we?

Now, Simon is very well known within the industry, with years of shoots behind him with some of the top fitness professionals and influencers under his belt, but this doesn't mean we can get lazy...

There's just as much information needed on a sales page, regardless of who's selling the product or how cheap / expensive said product is.

And the above point is extremely important, but quite often overlooked.

So let's ensure YOU'RE not going to make that mistake yeah?


The Hero

This is the main focal point of your sales page, and the only section the majority of people are going to see. That is of course if you don't put the work into making them want to scroll down.

Take a look at the Supercharge Your Socials hero section - in it we explain the outcome in very simple terms, along with 3 secondary benefits to drive the point home.

Note there's no excessive text, imagery or layers, just easily legible and precise language stating exactly what the product does.

The creative element beneath just ties itself to this, showcasing the quality of images and the result of having those images on your socials ( the engagement icons ).

Easy right?

Next we need an area to tell the story...

The Story

  • WHY does the prospect need this product?
  • WHAT is the benefit of having great images?
  • HOW will this immediately impact the prospects business / life?
  • WHO is Simon?

Your sales page NEEDS areas like this to clarify and strengthen the reasons behind the product, but more importantly why the prospect should even care and / or pay attention to it!

But don't forget to cut the faff! Yes tell your story and give some context to the product - but no one wants to read an essay.

Say as much as possible in as few words as possible, get this right and you'll be on your way to writing better copy every time.

The Personality

As this IS a service based product and the prospect is potentially going to be working with Simon on a one-to-one basis it's imperative that he is featured on the page.

Because remember -

People buy from people. Not businesses.

So the more personality you can put behind your product the better, as long as it's the right fit of course.

Again short and sweet, however in this section we added our first CTA button, a little further down the page than normal, but the reasoning behind this was that we didn't want the prospect to click a button and scroll past all the information that would do all the heavy lifting in selling the product! Level 1000 thinking eh? 

The Social Proof

If you have it - use it.

Any and ALL of it, any media is good ( video / images / reviews / third party reviews ), it all makes a difference and turns you into a reputable source.

We dotted both video and written testimonials around the page, mostly between the CTA buttons so the prospect would always have a testimonial in their periphery as they contemplate clicking one of those 'oh so clickable' buttons!

The Target Demographics

This is an area that consistently makes it into our sales page builds.

Let your prospect know that this product is for THEM.

Leave NO doubt in their mind.

Doubt = missed conversion.

Don't forget that fact!

Here we outline the three main demographics that this product is targeted towards, alongside telling them exactly how it will benefit them within their specific niche.

It sounds mean, but treat people like they're 7, spell it out for them in simple terms "this product is for you, yes you!"

Time To Sell

Next we'll have the entry point, the priceboxes.

The only place on the page where the prices are displayed, it's OK to display them again in any section under this area, but doing it before is always a bad idea. Remember you need to feed your prospects all the info and social proof they need to make an informed decision BEFORE they see the price, preferably at least!

This area is simple in it's functionality. Clearly outlining exactly what they get for the price they pay.

In under here is usually a great area to add a Money Back Guarantee or similar, but in this particular example that wasn't applicable.

Pushing The Sale

This section can be hit or miss, depending on the type of product you're selling and the type of personality behind it having a 'for you' and 'not for you' comparison can be extremely powerful.

It's simple in its theory, basically making the prospect feel that for them to get to that 'next step' in their business.

This product is NECESSARY.

A bit 'Internet Markety', but it works.

Eliminating Doubt

You NEED to have an FAQ section on your page.

Think of every question imaginable your prospect will be thinking when they're on your page and ensure you address it here.

Even things that have already been explained in other areas of the page that bare some importance, be sure to add here too. People skim and are most likely going to miss a lot of details in the page copy, so ensure it's addressed here too so your prospects can make an informed decision when purchasing.

Final Call To Action

Finally we have, well, the 'final call to action'...

Aptly named eh?

This is important, more so than you think..

You never want your prospects to get down to the bottom of your sales page to be greeted with a footer filled with non applicable links.

Use this area to add a final CTA, a final call to get them across the line and purchasing.

A good rule of thumb is to mirror the language used in the hero section for this area.

Oh - and don't forget to add a button there too!

Wrapping Up

And there you have it!

Simple in theory, but harder to put into practise.

Nevertheless, I hope this guide has assisted you on your road the best sales page for your particular product.

And of course, if you do have any further questions or need our help, please feel free to reach out and get in touch.

Alan Harte

Alan is the Creative Director here at SV and has been working with the company since ( almost ) day one! 😛 He's passion is anything to do with design and web. In his spare time he loves to sim race, play guitar and run. If only to burn of the Guinness drank most weekends!