When auditing ad accounts for businesses and business owners, there’s one MAJOR hole we typically see…

The absence of, or improper use of retargeting campaigns.

Often, there are 3 scenarios advertisers find themselves in:

  1. Multiple cold conversion campaigns are running and a variety of cold audiences are being tested without ANY retargeting campaigns live to capitalize on the traffic being redirected to their site/landing page.
  2. Retargeting campaigns running with the SAME adverts and messaging as the cold conversion campaigns.
  3. Retargeting website visitors but not having sequential retargeting campaigns set up with personal messaging for anyone who has viewed a specific page or added an item to their cart for example.

Do any of these sound familiar?

It’s alright, there’s no need to panic. In this post we are going to explore 3 types of retargeting campaigns you need to be running on Facebook/Instagram so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Cart Abandonment Campaigns (Conversion)

With nearly 70 percent of online customers leaving items in their cart without making a purchase, your business would be missing out on a sizeable amount of revenue by not retargeting.

There are a lot of reasons customers abandon their cart but there is absolutely no guarantee that they’ll remember to complete their purchase once they’ve left.

Luckily, there is a way for your business to reconnect with your customers, giving them a second pitch to increase the number of sales and repeat purchases.

Cart Abandonment Campaigns

If you’re looking to enhance your social media marketing strategy and aren’t currently running cart abandonment campaigns, Here’s the biggest reason you should... Instantly Increase Conversion Rate

A cart abandonment campaign can increase conversions by 20 percent in our experience. For obvious reasons, they are high converting especially as they allow you to address the many reasons a customer may leave their cart ensuring they are missing out by doing so.

Often, a customer simply forgets to complete their transaction after being interrupted by day-to-day activities.

Just because the purchase didn’t go through, doesn’t mean they’re no longer interested. Sending a reminder is sometimes all it takes.

Test Incentives

Not sure if your audience is more interested in a 10% discount, free shipping or a bundle offer?

An email that re-offers a product with an added incentive could give customers that small nudge they need to make a purchase.

Another common reason customers leave is additional fees like shipping. With a cart abandonment campaign, you can test messages offering free or discounted shipping, which may win back some customers.

As with any marketing strategy, you can run trials with your cart abandonment campaigns. Experiment with various discounts and promotions to discover what works best.

An effective cart abandonment campaign can help you recover lost opportunities and maintain important customer relationships.

Product View Retargeting (Conversion)

For clarification, product view retargeting campaigns reach people who have clicked to view a particular product on an eCommerce site. (Pretty self explanatory).

A common mistake that people make is treating product view retargeting campaigns the same as cart abandonment campaigns.

A big NO-NO.

The objective of a cart abandonment campaign is to find out why someone did not purchase and to overcome that objection with solutions. Whether that is by using testimonials to overcome trust objections, or free shipping and discounts to overcome cost objections.

The objective of a product view campaign is to sell that person on the product and convince someone to add that item to their cart. Which means the messaging needs to be totally different and catered to the commitment level.

Product view retargeting campaigns need to be heavily focused on the product itself. You have to align with the audience and make it seem like you know what they want while also highlighting all the benefit points and features of the product.

Make the advert stand out and seem personal to that person. Ads are flying about their news feed all day, by talking directly to them, validating their choice and touching on pleasure points, they’ll have no option but to reconsider.

In addition to talking about the quality of your product, the reviews it has received and the lives it’s changed, it’s also beneficial to mention qualities of your business. If you offer anything such as money-back guarantees, no restocking fees, free support, fast/free shipping, tell them all about it!

Naturally, people are apprehensive when it comes to purchasing from adverts online. Building trust and eliminating risks is only going to assist click to purchase rate.

Do you want to know how to build a product view retargeting audience in ads manager? Click here.

Engagement Retargeting (Conversion OR Awareness)

Finally, we have Engagement Retargeting. Out of the 3 retargeting audiences mentioned, Engagement Retargeting is the lowest level of commitment and because of this, it doesn’t have to be used in a conversion campaign. This audience can be used in an awareness campaign with the objective of producing link clicks or video views .

Yet again, the clue is in the title. These campaigns are retargeting anyone who has engaged with your business online. This can consist of website visitors, video views, Facebook Page engagement, Facebook Post engagement so on and so forth.

The purpose of these campaigns is to keep your brand front of mind and provide valuable content for your audience.

Realistically, there are going to be multiple companies offering a similar product to yours no matter how unique your pitch might be.

We can all think of a certain underwear brand or shoe brand when asked for one and that’s because you’re being reminded of this brand every day without noticing. On your news feed, in your Instagram stories, in Facebook Messenger, everywhere!

While plastering your brand all over the internet doesn’t sound like the worst idea, you need to be careful of falling into the trap of taking...and never giving.

If you’re constantly using retargeting audiences to generate clicks for your store or lead gen, people are going to become desensitized to your ads and will eventually stop clicking.

To keep people engaged and interested, you should be using your engagement retargeting audience to deliver valuable content. This can be an informative video, a funny, relevant video or perhaps a blog. Any form of content which is going to educate them, inspire them or entertain them.

As a result of pumping out valuable content, your brand will seem trustworthy, knowledgeable and personable...which will always lead to conversions later down the line.

This is why Engagement Retargeting campaigns are so effective. They re-engage your audience so they are continuously considering your product and/or services, even if it’s subconsciously.

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