Google ads are a crucial component in crafting a well built out online marketing ecosystem and have the power to deliver incredible ROI.

But due to the steep learning curve and large amounts of data to interpret, most marketers fail to ever master their google ads strategy.

Resulting in a massive missed opportunity to target individuals with high purchase intent and stunting overall return on ad spend. If you’ve ever run an Adwords campaign then I’m sure you can relate to similar feelings of overwhelm and confusion over where you need to direct your focus in your campaigns.

So to simplify things for you, we’ve listed 3 simple PPC tactics you can start using TODAY to start seeing better results from your AdWords campaign…

And start seeing a greater return on ad spend!

1. Negative Keywords

Without question, negative keywords will be your saving grace when trying to maximise ad spend and see the greatest ROAS in your AdWords campaigns.

Using negative keyword list’s in your campaign allows you to filter out any irrelevant search terms in your campaigns that end up blowing your budget and decreasing conversions.

By excluding these searches and only targeting a relevant audience you’ll also see improvements in your CTR, leading to a better quality score and cheaper CPC.

As best practice, you should be on top of your negative keyword list daily, scraping any irrelevant search’s in the ‘search terms’ report and excluding them from your campaign.

2. SKAG’s

SKAG’S, (single keyword ad groups), are exactly as the name suggests.

Segmenting your ad group’s using only a single keyword gives you greater control within your AdWords campaign, resulting in more efficient optimisation.

As part of Google’s algorithm, you’ll be charged higher/lower CPC based on the quality score associated with each keyword in your account.

And relevancy plays a massive part in keeping that quality score high.

By using a single keyword in each ad group, you can easily test multiple ad’s that are highly relevant to the user’s search term, again increasing CTR and likelihood of a conversion.

If you’re not already using SKAG’s in your current AdWords strategy, then simply select the keywords in your existing ad groups that generate the highest amount of clicks and conversions.

Then segment your winning keywords into their own ad groups and split test a minimum of 3 ads with varying ad copy to further optimise that keyword’s performance and increase it’s CTR further.

3.In-Market Audiences

Google’s in-market targeting function is a great way to find user’s who are actively researching or comparing products and services in your niche.

Selecting these audiences to use in your campaign allows you to find the users in your market who are likely to be at the tail-end of the customer journey, meaning they’ll be closer to a conversion.

And to further increase conversions rate, try testing a combination of in-market audiences with your remarketing audience list. This combination allows you to curate even more relevant audiences that are much more likely to buy your product/service/programme or opt-in as a lead.

And that’s it!

Of course, there’s a ton of other features and tools at your disposal when setting up an AdWords campaign, but understanding these 3 features gives you a good chance of being set up for success.

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