With the growing number of people now using social media platforms, leveraging your businesses potential online reach is more important than ever when looking at increasing your brand awareness, expanding your network and gaining new clients.

And in this guide, we're going to share 5 ways you can begin increasing your brand awareness utilising the power of social media.

Before we breakdown the above points, let's first look at why increasing your brands awareness on social media is important...

The Power Of Social Media

Social media has changed the way we live our lives.

From the way we receive news to how we hear about the latest offers available, social media has undoubtably become part of our daily lives.

And as of 2019, it's been calculated that around 3.484 billion people have a social media account.

The most active social media platforms?

Facebook and Instagram.

And a whopping 90% of businesses have claimed that their brand has gained immense exposure due to having a strong presence on social media

So, if you're wanting to increase your brands awareness but unsure where to start, here are 5 things you can implement straight away to get you on track.

1. Establish Your Message.

It's not always simply about what services your brand has to offer.

People buy from people - not from brands.

And with all the 'noise' on social media, it's always refreshing to see brands who have a clear and direct message specific to their ideal customer.

Having a strong message will not only allow your target audience to easily develop trust with your brand, but naturally connect with you on a much deeper level.

In turn leading to better engagement, awareness, relationships and growth.

2. Only Utilise The Platforms Best Suited To Your Brand

Having a social media presence across all the available platforms is great...

That is of course... If you can consistently update content that is relative and written specifically for that platform.

If not - you run the risk of spreading yourself thin and making the process of updating your social media channels a chore rather than something that's exciting and enjoyable to do.

The solution?

Only use the platforms you genuinely feel your brand can best reach and connect with your target audience.

For example:

Let's say you're running a mens fashion service, or a boutique florist. With both being such visually strong niches, Pinterest or Instagram might be better suited and relevant to your brand vs. Facebook or Twitter, which are less dependant on visual elements and more so towards long form content.

How will doing this help?

This will allow you to focus on and dedicate more time to providing the best possible content for your audience on your chosen platforms, rather than pushing to create multiple pieces of content suitable for different platforms that might not necessarily act as an asset to your brand long term.

In turn allowing you to develop better content, provide more value, develop authority and increase engagement with your audience.

3. Allow Your Audience To See Into Your World.

Remember point '1' above?

"People buy from people - not brands?"

Attaching your teams faces and personalities to your brands social media marketing can go a long way in quickly establishing trust, authority and connection with your audience.

Along with giving them an understanding of the people behind your brand.

Easy ways to implement this?

This simple 'human' touch will only make your brand more relatable and authentic.

Further increasing your potential brand awareness.

4. Get Creative With Your Content

To get the most out of social media, it's imperative that you look to get the correct mix of engagement and action with your content.

What do we mean by 'Engagement' and 'Action'?


Memes, articles, your thoughts on a specific subject - simply designed to engage your audience and get them to interact.

In particular shareable or 'tag' style content, asking your audience to actively engage with your post to increase its potential reach.


Prominent 'Call To Action' posts.

For example: Using external links to navigate your prospects away from social media and onto your website content or towards your offers.

This will allow you to track and monitor their visit with the Facebook Pixel for possible future retargeting campaigns. Allowing you to further personalise their journey by sending them relative ads based on which content they had previously viewed!

For content, there's no magic formula or ratio.  Just try mixing it up in different ways, and seeing what reaction you get from your audience.

Which leads us nicely into the fifth, and final step.

5. Track Everything You Do

Increasing your brand awareness can only be improved and refined if you're tracking and observing the resulting data as you go.

Tools such as Facebook Page Insights were created for brands to see exactly what's working, so you can further optimise your awareness campaigns moving forward. 

In addition to that, softwares such as bit.ly will show you the number of clickthroughs on links formatted through the software. So for example, if you had an 'action' post ( as mentioned above in point 4 ), you could use bit.ly to format the external link to your site, allowing you to track clicks and find ways of improving conversions on your posts.

Using this data, you can begin to learn what works and what doesn't for your specific brand and audience, so you can continually optimise your approach.

And there you have it!

5 things you can do right now to help increase your brand awareness.

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