Way too often we see companies advertising to very basic and broad audiences and STILL have no idea why their ads aren’t performing well…

It’s important to understand that your most “obvious” audience is usually the most competitive one! So don’t limit yourself by only pushing ads to those who have shown interest in the products or services you provide.

After all, we do so much to influence the performance of each campaign. Testing new images, videos, platforms and copy… Yet people often leave their audiences heavily neglected.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “My audience is obvious!”

For the most part yes. It’s usually just a little bit of common sense! And maybe you can get by with targeting the most obvious audience and hoping for the best.

But could you be doing so much better?

We see so many companies unable to scale their ads because there “aren’t enough people interested in what we do at the moment!”... They regularly struggle to find ways to expand their audience.

The answer: Get to know your audiences!

Knowing your audience on a deeper level will help you in ways you never even realised. 

We don’t mean simply knowing that they’re interested in your products... but instead knowing who they are as people. 

Their likes and dislikes. Places they go and the activities they do.

What questions should you be asking?

“Which industry do they work in?”

“Are they adventuristic or shy?”

“Do they have children or are they often too young?”

“What type of music do they listen to?”

We’re not saying every question is relevant... But if you can identify trends within your audience’s personalities, you can target those traits!

By targeting secondary and tertiary interests, you will not only improve performance but help break into new audiences and scale your marketing even further.

The more you understand about your consumers, the bigger you can make your audiences. 

But not just bigger… higher quality too!

These are the sort of questions that will help you expand audiences and reach people who have no prior interest in your brand, products or services. However, with their similarities to your current audience, there are similar motivations and necessities when it comes to the want of your product/service. 

So by simply understanding who your audiences are as people… you give yourself the chance to reach whole other audiences that are likely to have a shared interest in your brand with those who have actively shown interest in your industry.

So stop with the broad audiences where you hope for the best!

Add thousands of high-quality consumers to your marketing campaigns and watch the results speak for themselves.