2019 is coming to an end and we now all should be focusing on Q1 of 2020.

It’s no secret “marketing’ is becoming harder and more expensive online. However in contrast there is still an abundance of opportunity with it being easier to get your message in front of people more than ever.

Here are the top trends we've seen in 2019 that will continue into 2020 (and probably beyond).

1. Video will remain king

Over the last three years video has become more and more important within marketing. It’s become the fastest way to connect and get in front of your audience with real authenticity. When you look at the stats and data for video consumption on Facebook for example, it is frightening how many people engage with video.

It’s also one of the cheapest ways to get in front of your audience.

Facebook are all about engagement and user experience now. They love brands using video, plus it's awesome at the top of funnel to be used as a fishing net to to cast out to a broad audience and retarget video views to take prospects on a journey.

2. Connection and conversation

The brands that are winning are having conversations with their potential customers. Automations are GREAT when running a business. However they will never beat real communication.

We see too many brands trying to automate everything and forgetting that connection is huge for potential customers.

We live in a day where connection is hard to find in such a fast paced world. The brands that do connect and converse with their potential customers will be the ones that win.

3. WhatsApp

In the last quarter of 2019 we are seeing WhatsApp becoming the go to tool for the business to consumer marketplace. Why? Because it’s so easy to create conversation in what feels like a personal environment.

There are billions of people using WhatsApp to converse and connect with friends. It’s a platform people trust and use on a regular basis.

This is why it’s so good for brands that are willing to put the effort it to talk to their potential customers in the most convenient way... for them.

4. Convenience is the biggest currency

The rise and dominance of brands such as Uber and Deliveroo have capitalised on the currency of convenience.

They're quick, easy and work all over the world, meaning their users can use them over and over getting what they want - when they want at the click of a button.

Of course this isn't the only reason for their success!

However they have cashed in on the convince model and the fact that in the modern day, everyone is in a rush.

People want things done fast and easily that meets the needs.

We even see brands have an uplift of 33% by just offering free returns from their home.


Because it’s easy and convenient for consumers if they change their mind.

6. Don’t be the jack of all trades and master of none

Niching down is becoming a must.

Consumers are now wanting the expert in the problem they want solved not the brand that says they do everything.

Try and appeal to everyone and you’ll appeal to no-one. This doesn't mean you can't evolve your brand into different niches over time.

However, start with one niche and then move onto the next once you’ve nailed the first.

7. Advertising costs will continue to rise 

Any of us who have been around long enough to remember the old days of ⅘ years ago when you could literally print money from paid media will know.

CPM’s used to be so low and there were so few advertisers it was like a license to print money with ridiculous ROI.

Over the years with paid media becoming more and more saturated, its getting more expensive to get in front of and convert your audience into customers.

This doesn't mean it’s impossible but you now have to have a solid marketing game.

Backend revenue will always win.

Brands that get repeat business over and over from consumers are the real winners. We’ve even worked with some brands that are so confident in their product they’re happy to make a 500% loss on the front end at scale as their backend game is so strong.

It can be 10-100 times cheaper to get a customer to buy again than a new one to buy. Don't fall into the trap of always focussing on front end.

8. Quality over quantity

We’ve tested this ourselves numerous times. People are busy and they now want quality over quantity of content to be put in front of them.

They want to be “infotained” by your brand and take meaning from what you’re doing.

If you’re thinking let’s just get anything out there content wise then re think what you’re doing.

Even test it - every brand is different and keep an eye on engagement.

9. Paid media can speed your success drastically 

We did a whole blog in this you can find here.

Paid media is like liquid fuel to your business and has the ability to speed up the entire process. With the ability to get in front of more and more people at the click of a few buttons you can scale beyond belief.

If you’re not investing now in paid media you will regret it in years to come as prices increase.

10. Paid media can speed your failure drastically

Contradictory to the above right!?

Again, read the same blog.

The number one thing to remember is this: if you have problems in your model and your business paid media will exploit them more.

It is your duty to make sure you have a water tight model and business in order to scale.

If you don't and pour paid media into your business...it will speed up your failure.