Having engaging, creative ad images as part of your Facebook marketing campaigns can be the difference between your ads succeeding, or failing to make a mark in an ever distracting user newsfeed.

But what makes a truly GREAT Facebook ad image?

In short?

A great Facebook ad image compliments and enhances the ad copy whilst clearly displaying the subject or product on offer.

Let's take a look at some examples below.

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1. White Knuckler Brand

What makes this a good image?

Great product placement, clear, precise copy and maximum use of image space. The wooden tones and colours of the image are in high contrast to the clean, white and blue tones of the Facebook newsfeed making it stand out and improving the changes of more prospects stopping their scroll and paying attention.

2. ALL33

What makes this a good image?

Clear product placement, eye catching colour usage and clear, precise copy. As with the last example, the product is featured front and centre, giving the prospect a preview of the product with the copy clearly stating the reason and timeline of the sale.

3. One Year No Beer

What makes this a good image?

Excellent use of stock imagery to symbolise fitness, health, and aspiring to achieve, all deemed traits of removing the consumption of alcohol. Coupled with colourful mockups and a clear call to action helping this image jump from the newfeed!

4. Lowbrow Customs

What makes this a good image?

Excellent use of colour, copy and image space. Displaying multiple lines of products in one image to allow the prospect to immediately see the variety of products on offer throughout the sale period.

5. Mobile Video Mastery 2.0

What makes this a good image?

Bright, fun and eye catching, this image clearly displays the personality of the subject, the product and clearly states the outcome and offer.

Are You Ready To Start Adding New Creatives To Your Ad Campaigns?

The examples above were carefully selected out of the hundreds we've created for clients Facebook ads.

Even in 2020, and with the perceived unpopularity of Facebook with younger generations, the use of ads doesn't look to be slowing down, and we can only imagine what new features Facebook has in store for brands in the near future.

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