Capturing leads for your business should be high on the priority list of any online based business.

As not only can you directly interact and nurture your audience there, but you can also turn it into a consistent and reliable revenue stream for your business - not dictated by the state or popularity of any third party social platform.

The first step in doing this however is to ensure you have a page that can convert potential leads into exactly that - a LEAD.

Firstly, it should go without saying, that your offer will always be the most important aspect of getting people to enter their details on your opt-in page, so simply asking them to 'join a newsletter' simply won't suffice here.

But if you have an enticing offer your prospects want AND you apply some of the opt-in page principles described below, you'll be on to a winner guaranteed.

So let's take a look at 4 examples of GREAT opt-in pages, to help you understand exactly what the best practises are when looking to capture leads for your business online.

Let's jump in!

1. Yellow Leaf Hammocks 'Chill Out' Challenge

What makes this a good opt-in?

Super clean, simple and straight to the point.

This lander immediately greets you with the offer of winning a $500 gift card, giving the prospect enough reason to stay on the page without ever having to scroll and read the remaining copy.

Copy is short, sweet and benefit driven, with a selection of images alongside used to visually emphasise the outcome of the challenge ( relaxing! ).

The addition of the countdown timer for scarcity is a nice touch, and the visual mockup of the gift cards transforms the offer from just words into a physical thing the prospect can envision winning.

Everything a simple opt-in should have to convert visitors to leads! Brilliant!

2. EnglishFullTime 'Intermediate To Advanced'

What makes this a good opt-in?

This opt-in is slightly different as it's a more copy driven variant.

And whilst it takes a different route to convert the prospect, it an be just as powerful as the previous pages shown in this article when applied correctly ( IE - Having a great copywriter on your team! )

We usually find that this 'copy driven' style works best with American audiences.

But what makes it good?

Well from the start it tells you EXACTLY what it is on offer and what the result is.

  • It levels with the prospect and digs into the pain of their current situation with the headline copy and offering them an IMMEDIATE solution
  • It teases them with the 'secret' within the video stating that 'traditional classes won't get them there', adding intrigue and mystery to the methods on show within the video
  • Excellent use of benefit driven bullet points to draw the prospect down the page towards the form
  • Visual mockup of the video to show its immediately accessible on the prospects device to view once they opt-in
  • Simple form consisting of just an email address for ease of use
  • Simple testimonial to boost social proof and help establish the brand in the eyes of the prospective lead

All these things combine to make a fantastic example of a copy driven opt-in page!

3. MyCoachSchool 4 Day Glute Challenge

What makes this a good opt-in?

So this template goes against the grain slightly in that the form is located on the bottom of the page, not often the best placement but this is combatted by placing buttons throughout the top sections of the page that auto scroll the user to the form.

The top section does as it should - give all necessary information without requiring the prospect to scroll ( they can if they want to - not because they need to ) - an important point.

And notice the subtext under the button, often a missed opportunity to add some guidance for the user, in this instance detailing the signup will only take a few seconds and to do so they just need to click the button. Very smart!

The 'letter' style section adds a personal touch to what would usually just be a wall of text. This adds a touch of personality to the page and from what is a personality driven brand, is perfect for this opt-in.

Beneath this they specify exactly what's included within the challenge, different to the other opt-ins on this list as the prospect will be guided through the offer, so a section detailing what's covered is essential here.

The form is clearly sectioned off, with minimal elements surrounding it, ensuring it's the focal point once the user gets to it.

A great example of a longer form opt-in page designed around a free challenge.

4.  Jamie Alderton 'Battleplan' Webinar

What makes this a good opt-in?

Similar to example number 1 on this list, the top section of this page applies the two column structure of copy left, creative and form right ( as humans read from left to right - so always have your copy on the left! )

Copy within this area again is short and simple, says what it is and gives you the outcome before going into more benefit driven detail within the bulleted points.

As this is a personality driven brand the addition of Jamie alongside the mockup is a must ( remember people buy from people! )

What makes this page layout slightly different though is the addition of the middle copy section and bottom Call to Action, allowing for even more copy for those prospects that require a little more convincing before inputting their details without detracting from the most important information within the top section above it.

This middle section is used perfectly here, speaking with the prospect on a human level and breaking down what might seem like a wild goal into something that they feel can be attained with the right guidance.

Below that is what we call a 'Final CTA', giving the prospect that final push over the line which will usually include a CTA button with an agreeable statement such as 'Yes! I want to X' or 'Yes! I'm In!' etc etc - basically getting the prospect to commit to the offer before getting to the opt-in part.

Smart eh? ;)

And that actually leads me on to a great point -

Never allow your prospect to get to the bottom of your opt-in page and have nothing to click!

Always, always ALWAYS have a button there so they can brought straight back to the conversion goal ( form / payment form etc )

And there you have it!

The 5 examples above were carefully selected out of the hundreds we've created for clients over the past few years.

Want to know how our team can create landing pages like the above for YOUR brand?

Make sure to contact us today and get in touch!

Alan Harte

Alan is the Creative Director here at SV and has been working with the company since ( almost ) day one! 😛 He's passion is anything to do with design and web. In his spare time he loves to sim race, play guitar and run. If only to burn of the Guinness drank most weekends!