Ready to discover our top 4 easy-to-use lead magnet ideas?

Well then, stay tuned for some top tips for generating high-quality leads for your business! But before we get stuck in, let’s clear a few things up.

Lead magnets... What are they, why do you need one and where do you start?!

Now, you may have heard people like us throwing the term “lead magnet” around like confetti, and if you have you’re probably wondering what on Earth we’re banging on about. So we’re going to give you a brief breakdown of lead magnets, just so we’re all on the same page…

A lead magnet is a free product or service that is given away in exchange for contact details. This allows you to cultivate a long-term relationship and nurture a warm audience of potential buyers.

So that covers what a lead magnet is, but why do you need one?

Well, technically you *CAN* run your advertising strategy without lead magnets…

But they form a key part of a flourishing marketing ecosystem, allowing you to build a multi-faceted marketing funnel that draws in your target audience and nurtures them until they’re ready to buy.

Last but not least, where do you start?!

In our opinion, you need to start with your customers. What are they reading, what questions are they asking, what would add extra value to their experience? Because the fact of the matter is, if it’s valuable to your existing customers then it will be valuable to your target audience as well.

So that’s the what, the how and the where to start!

Now for the inspiration… 

Our top 4 easy-to-use lead magnet ideas:

Waiting lists and V.I.P lists

Waiting lists can allow you to create a buzz around an upcoming product launch or offer whilst V.I.P lists can create a feeling of exclusivity around special offers. 

These can be implemented through a landing page with a simple lead form to provide a name and email address. This then creates an email list that can be used to nurture your leads through a carefully curated email flow.

Free content

Whether you’re offering a PDF download a how-to video, this gives your audience access to valuable content for free in exchange for leaving you their name and email address. That content can easily be delivered through a thank you email containing a link or a download button on the sign-up thank you page.

By offering something for free that provides value to your audience, you are helping to build brand loyalty. They will remember that you gave them something that helped them out for nothing and that will make them more likely to come back to you in future.

This lead magnet also helps to entice people into your brand by offering something for free. People are naturally hesitant to commit to something they have to pay for, but offer it for free and they’ll instantly feel like they don’t want to miss out!

Trial subscriptions 

An easy way for customers to discover the value of your product or service is with a risk-free, low commitment trial. This helps to remove potential objections to conversion as they have already discovered the benefits of your product or service.

It also plays into basic human psychology… We don’t like to give up something we already have! If you tell a person that they’re going to lose something they already have, they’re far more likely to want to sign up to keep access to it than they would be to convert in order to gain access to it.

Free consultations

Particularly useful for those offering a service, this allows you to demonstrate the value you can offer to the potential customer to help them reach their goals and can be delivered via a phone call, video call or a face-to-face appointment.

Each of these ideas come with their own pros and cons, and which ones work best for you will very much depend on your business model, the product or service you are trying to sell and how much time you’re willing to invest in generating leads.

Still not sure how lead generation can fit in with your business model? Feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help your business make the most of every opportunity!

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Emma Stewart

Emma is a new addition to the SV copywriting team. When not trying to think up witty one-liners for social media ads, she spends the majority of her time working with livestock through her Young Farmers' Club! 🐑