Have you found your voice yet?

Whether you’re starting out with a new business, rebranding your existing one or even just looking to update your marketing, finding the right tone of voice is key to nailing great copy that speaks to your audience! 

But where do you start when it comes to figuring out your brand's tone of voice? 

Should it be formal or fun? Chatty or technical?

Well, that all depends on who you are as a brand and who your target audience is!

It’s far too easy to get lost in amongst the background noise of social media, and far harder to find a way to stand out from the crowd and really pique your reader’s interest.

Especially as research suggests that the average attention span these days is just 8 seconds!

So it’s never been more important to ensure your copy gets to the point quickly, captures attention and builds a connection between your brand and the audience.

And with these 3 top tips you can find your brand’s voice and start speaking directly to your audience in a way that will drive real results:

1. Keep It Consistent.

And I don’t just mean from one post to the next!

Sure, different platforms work best with different formats of copy. You wouldn’t write an email like a Tweet and your website copy will be very different to your Facebook posts.

But, it’s important to keep a consistent tone of voice across all these platforms so your customer feels like it’s the same person “talking” to them, wherever they find you.

Think of tone of voice as part of your branding. In the same way that your branding guidelines would normally include logo, colour combinations and text fonts, including guidelines on your tone of voice can help to ensure everyone is writing from the same page!

2. Think About Who You’re Talking To.

Who is your target audience? How do they talk to each other and to you? What motivates them to purchase?

Your audience needs to be able to relate to your brand. So if your target audience is business people, keep it professional and business-like. If your target audience is families, keep it light and empathetic.

Remember, you need to be speaking directly to YOUR audience!

So take the time to consider the demographics of your audience, what they’re looking to you for and the type of impression you want to create. This will help you to build an authentic voice that really resonates with the people you’re trying to appeal to.

3. Make Sure It’s In Keeping With What You’re Promoting

What need or desire is your product going to meet for your audience?

If you’re promoting legal services you probably don’t want to be using slang terms and tons of emojis…

But likewise, if you’re promoting holidays you won’t want loads of technical jargon and a serious tone of voice! 🤷

By considering your customers’ key pain and pleasure points and how they connect to your product or service, you can begin to build a picture of how to talk about features and benefits in a genuine way.

And that’s it!

We know it’s easy to feel lost when you’re trying to find your voice. But these simple tips will help you discover the perfect tone of voice for your brand. One which your audience will relate to.

Because at the end of the day, someone who feels like you understand them will be more likely to buy from you!

Emma Stewart

Emma is a new addition to the SV copywriting team. When not trying to think up witty one-liners for social media ads, she spends the majority of her time working with livestock through her Young Farmers' Club! 🐑