Let’s face it - copywriting is a skill that takes time to master. A lot of time.

As you write more ads, landing pages, sales pages, VSL’s and more you’ll quickly learn that a *ton* goes into crafting the perfect piece of copy and carrying your message across effectively. But the trouble is, you still have campaigns to run. Ad creatives still need to be refreshed constantly. 

And if the task of writing copy falls on YOU, then you’ll need some tools in the bank to help craft the best message possible. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there to help you refine your writing and be on your way to cultivating high-converting, seductive ad copy. 

Today, we’re going to list 3 of the most helpful resources you can use when writing to *instantly* improve your copywriting skills - and help you master the craft along the way.

Let’s begin!

1. The Hemingway Editor

Ever wondered what separates captivating writing from simply ‘okayish’ writing? 

More often than not, it’s simplicity.

Copy that doesn’t use fancy terms and complicated tricks in an attempt to ‘wow’ the reader always outperforms copy that tries to.


Because in the UK alone, the average reading age of most people is 9 years old. Meaning that the harder you try to squeeze in superlative terms to try and impress the reader, the more likely you’ll make them…. 😴 💤  Doze off.

Using the Hemingway App helps you make your writing bold and clear. 

It’s an extremely helpful tool for bringing the reading age of your copy down, which is crucial in making your writing sound conversational AND flow better while reading. 

(One of the most crucial components behind high-converting copy!) Plus! It will also show you exactly where you’re using passive voice (and where to remove it), as well as a host of other features to help give your words the weight they need to engage the reader throughout.

2. Copy.ai

For those of you who struggle with writer’s block, using AI copywriting tools can feel like a literal lifesaver when you need it most.

Copy.ai is a super helpful tool for when you know ‘something’ needs to change in your copy…

But you can’t quite figure out what!

Its vast collection of tools gives you loads to play around with and can tweak almost every aspect of your copy, including:

  • Structure
  • Tone
  • And Language 

Making it one of the most dynamic tools for improving the creativity behind your copy out there.

So if you ever feel like you have a ‘rough’ idea of what angle you want to follow in your ad copy, or know ‘kinda’ what structure you want your sales page to have, but just need that extra *boost* to help kick-start the creative flow…

Try this tool out. Thank us later.

3. Swiped.co

Need to find a new angle for your copywriting? Then this resource is just for you.

Swiped.co is a goldmine of inspiration for copywriters looking to test new angles and attention-grabbing hooks in their social media marketing campaigns.

Its curated collection of some of the most effective paid ads is perfect for brainstorming new ideas and refining the thoughts and inspiration you have circling around in your mind that still need some work on.

One of the things we love so much about this resource is how it explains the ‘WHY’ behind each swipe. 

So effectively, you’re getting a brainstorming tool and in-depth learning resource, all-in-one!

And that’s it!

Three effective tools and resources to help you write effective copy, starting today.

Did you find these tips useful? Drop a comment below and let us know what you thought!

Conor Gordon

Conor is our in-house Copywriter here at SV. His day-to-day consists of developing angles with our Account Managers and writing persuasive ad-copy across all our campaigns. But when he’s not at work, you can usually find him in the gym, trying to cover up his god awful skills at sports! 👀