The stigma surrounding artificial intelligence is one that has seemed to persist through modern culture. With the countless movies and novels that exaggerate the dangers of AI and its potential for human annihilation, you’d think that by 2021 we would all be dead or living in a utopia of automation. 

But the fact is, the real stigma surrounding AI is the complete opposite; how bad it is. 

Instead of Skynet’s elite killing machines, we’ve got apps and programs that fall short of their promised genius of problem-solving and creative thinking. Sure, they’re not real artificial intelligence, but using the name sets the bar pretty high for expectations.   

However, if you pair these “AI” programs as an aid to human thinking instead of a replacement, you can get a symbiotic relationship that can increase productivity and help generate new ideas when the mind tank is empty: This is the case with

What is is a tool that generates a list of copy from a description of a brand or product. 

Furthermore, you can choose the tone of the copy, alter it depending on the platform, and use tons more features that can generate sentences in seconds. 

On paper, it does sound like another one of those AI programs that is too good to be true, and in some ways it is. If you just use the copy it gives you, the flow and tone are usually completely off from what you want. But, when it’s used properly as an aid rather than a crutch, it can benefit your copy massively.

Writer’s Block

One of the greatest advantages of is the ability to knock down the nightmarish writer’s block that can ruin a productive day.’s ability to understand a product through a name and short description is truly mindboggling after using it the first few times. Sure, there are some products/brands that might be too obscure for to work out, but most of the time it works just fine. 

Instead of sitting there biting at the end of your pen during a block, you can generate a list of short copy variants that are customizable to fit your needs. Then from there, you can go through and pick out any ideas that grab your attention to defeat that block in your own way.

Tone Adjustment

The ability to adjust the tone of existing copy is invaluable as a copywriter, especially in marketing and ad copy. 

You often need to produce multiple variants for the same product across different campaigns, audiences, or platforms. In which case, the information needs to stay consistent whilst the tone & voice needs to match the context behind the copy. has its own tone changer function that includes nine options from friendly & relaxed to empathetic & witty. You just chuck in your paragraph, choose your setting, press create and you’ve got a list to choose from. 

From there, you can pick out ideas to apply to your own variants to act as a support for your copy.

Idea Generation

I don’t know about you, but I find idea generation for copy variants takes up more time than it should (though maybe it’s just me). 

Combining creative thinking with problem-solving isn’t always the fastest process, and having a bit of help on the way can be a lifesaver. Enter

Similar to writer’s block, can help massively with generating ideas for copy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a headline, subheader text, or blog title, the program has an extensive list that can help almost any copywriter come up with a few ideas when they feel stuck in the mud.


So, isn’t actually artificial intelligence… and neither are any of the browser programs that claim to solve the creative conundrum. Nonetheless, when used correctly they can be a big help in many ways. 

Whether it’s writer’s block or lead generation, acts as strong support to anyone that struggles with certain aspects of writing or is simply having a slow day. But just remember, use it as an aid to your copy instead of a crutch by copy & pasting. 

Like I said, it’s not actual artificial intelligence, so don’t treat it that way.

Michael Oliver

Michael is one of our copywriters here at SV. He tackles writing various styles of copy for our clients and works closely with our account managers to try and make each campaign a good read. Whilst smashing the keyboard at work, outside he's often doing the same in video games or skating around the local ice rink to cool off ⛸️ ⛸️