Yellow Leaf Hammocks


In 2011, while on vacation in Thailand, Yellow Leaf Hammocks co-founder Joe embarked on an impromptu motorcycle adventure that led him to discover the world’s most comfortable hammock hanging outside of a hut on a tiny island. 

The hammocks were unlike anything Joe had ever seen or felt before, and he knew he had to share them with the world. He took as many hammocks as he could fit in his backpack and headed home to the US, ready to turn his vacation dream into reality. Joe teamed up with his now-wife Rachel to establish Yellow Leaf-bringing a curated collection of beautifully crafted, ridiculously comfy hammocks to the masses.

Yellow Leaf don’t just make the world’s most comfortable hammocks, but through training and sustainable job creation, they empower their weavers to break the cycle of poverty, building a brighter future. Each individual Yellow Leaf hammock is handwoven with the utmost precision and care by expert craftswomen of the Mlabri Tribe - “the people of yellow leaves”- in the hills of Northern Thailand. Across three weaving communities, they are working to create jobs for mothers, building a foundation for positive community transformation.

Joe and Rachel’s story was so inspiring, it would go on to impress the likes of Daniel Lubetzky when they made their famous pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank. Our challenge here at SV was to prepare Shark Tank specific campaigns for post-airing, ensuring we could maximise the amount of online sales generated from marketing campaigns. In addition to building a complete evergreen ecosystem that would include a range of hammock products, with the aim of consistently generating sales long after the publicity gained from the popular TV show.


Generate a minimum ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 400% 

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Maximise the amount of users viewing a range of hammock products

Increase the digital presence of the brand and tell the story behind Yellow Leaf

Build out Shark Tank specific campaigns for post-airing

Consistently generate a high volume of purchases following Shark Tank airing

The Solution

Create a multi-purpose retargeting ecosystem maximising the amount of people who purchase products ranging from $40-$2000

Implement a testing strategy for different stages of the customer journey, testing image styles, video content, copy angle, ad placements and audiences to develop a deeper understanding of the target audience 

Create Facebook and Instagram campaigns to amplify their Shark Tank offer and drive large amounts of relevant traffic to the website

Audit and implement tracking systems to ensure every penny spent on social media campaigns were being tracked and accounted for 

Build product view retargeting and add to cart retargeting campaigns for individual products to guarantee each user viewed a targeted, relevant ad dependent on browsing activity

The Results

  • $40,017.07 Spent
  • 828 Purchases Generated
  • $269,527 Revenue Generated
  • 6753% ROAS
  • $48 Average Cost Per Acquisition
  • 8,455 Blog Link Clicks Costing $0.08 Each
  • 111,172 Shark Tank Post Engagements Costing $0.003 Each

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