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Whiteknuckler Brand is based out in Ohio and focuses on producing traditional, vintage and classically styled goods across the US. The business was originally launched as a hobby which grew and developed into the successful venture it is today. Their product line to be primarily targeted towards the likes of truckers, hot rodders, outdoorsmen, motorcyclists, climbers, and the adventuristic kind. 

The initial issue they were finding was juggling between running their business and its online marketing. Leaving them forced to spend more time trying to balance the books than actually improving their business from within. To make things worse, they had used a number of agencies who promised the world but consistently failed to deliver the necessary results to help the business thrive. 

After discussing their troubles with a business partner, they were highly recommended to approach SV and see how we could help boost their digital marketing strategy. Since then, we have taken over the entire account, halved their cost per purchase and doubled the return on ad spend as a result. This then led to implementing an entire multi-platform ecosystem to allow the significant scaling Whiteknuckler Brand has seen since we first started working together.


Increase the profitability of Whiteknuckler’s Digital Marketing.

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Reduce their marketing workload to help prioritise the business itself and internal growth.

Construct a stable multi-platform ecosystem that doesn’t produce unpredictable results.

Create in-depth targeting sequences within each audience.

Build an email list that will scale their CRM generated revenue.

The Solution

The solution was to construct a sustainable ecosystem that breaks into each target audience in greater depth with more relevant product lines and creative variants. In doing so, increasing the ad engagement, purchase intent and overall conversion rate.

We did this by creating a sequence of retargeting campaigns specifically tailored to each individual customer journey. Through vigorous testing, we were able to identify which audiences responded best to specific content, ad styles and tailored messaging. This allowed us to generate much more engaging ads, images and copy that would, in turn, lead to greater purchase intent amongst our audiences.

After a number of frustrating experiences with marketing agencies, Whiteknuckler quickly found that they could entrust us with their digital marketing and has since been able to focus their efforts on what really matters... The running of Whiteknuckler.

Facebook Before & After Comparison:

The Results

Facebook Before & after comparison:

Comparing lifetime before December 2019 with our lifetime campaigns**


  • 9% increase in CTR
  • 53% decrease in CPA
  • 100% Increase in ROAS
  • 42% increase in CVR rate

Here are the initial results we saw when solely focusing on Facebook and ensuring that Whiteknuckler had a sustainable marketing ecosystem. 

The introduction of new platforms:

While Whiteknuckler were seeing great results on Facebook in 2020 we knew there was an abundance of opportunity to expand into other platforms to help with the scaling of Whiteknuckler that we had already seen. This led us to the expansion of their marketing efforts from simply Facebook, to instead include Google, Youtube, Microsoft and Pinterest ads, allowing us to expand our audiences and further scale the spend and as a result, the revenue.

With the ability to introduce high-intent keywords and added awareness we were able to reach a significantly higher volume of consumers, getting cheaper CPAs and much greater ROAS than we were getting on Facebook as a result of the ever-rising CPMs. With the inclusion of these extra campaigns and platforms we were able to maximise the effectiveness of each platform, focusing our Retargeting and lead generation efforts on Facebook and having Google maximise conversions consistently throughout the year.

Google (Including Youtube):

  • 1.22% CTR
  • $15.90 CPA
  • 8.65 ROAS
  • 1.33% CVR RATE

If you’d like to hear more about how we strategised, implemented and executed this ecosystem and how we could do the same for your brand, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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