The Happy Pear


Set up in 2004 with a just a veg shop by brothers Dave and Steve The Happy Pear has turned into a vegan empire. With cafes, best selling books and now wholesale vegan products in waitrose the company is taking over the vegan world one day at a time.

The Happy Pear approached SV about helping with their latest revenue stream…their online courses. The brief was clear, to help scale the online course (at the time there was just one course now there’s three!) but in a way that always has the good of the consumer and the brand in the front of mind.

From partaking in the audit phase of SV we found some amazing opportunities to help facilitate and grow the course impacting thousands of people worldwide.


Grow the course revenue with a maximum cost per acquisition of 20%.

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Help educate people along the process to make them fall in love with the brand.

Not saturate the audience and be mindful of the happy pear message “Healthier and happier world”.

Make the marketing and course sales predictable and scalable over time.

The Solution

Transform all their digital assets to help with conversion from organic traffic. Build a digital ecosystem to build more emotional value with the audience. Build audience base with free content to assist in them becoming educated with the brand before being served any sales material to make sure only those relevant to the course are seeing the offers.

The Results

  • 55K per month
  • 32% reduction in cost per purchase
  • 71% increase in click to purchase rate
  • 44% reduction in cost per lead

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