One Year No Beer


Set up by founders Ruari Fairbairns and Andy Ramage two London City brokers who got caught up in city lifestyle that comes with the corporate world they both after many years of binging on alcohol changed their relationship with alcohol and in doing so changed their lives.

As a result One Year No Beer was created. The leading online resource for taking a break from the booze. With over 25000 members and being featured on the BBC the brand already had a identity.

One Year No Beer approached SV to help making the advertising of the brand more profitable and consistent. After going through tens of agencies and having little success we got to work in building a digital ecosystem that connects to potential customers as well as delivering a profitable outcome. Since then SV have now become a strategic partner with OYNB over seeing and advising on all aspects of marketing.‍


Build and scale monthly revenue of the company

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Make paid advertising profitable and scalable from the current results.

Re create and build a rebranding concept to transition into a brand that fits with the mission.

The Solution

Build a scalable digital ecosystem across social media platforms to take the potential users on a journey to feel more emotionally connected with the brand and will take a bigger percentage of audience to sale.

Set up tracking of digital activity to the client can track performance of total sales in order to scale and build a more profitable business.

The Results

  • 158K per month revenue
  • 35% reduction in cost per purchase
  • 97% increase in click to purchase rate
  • 88% reduction in cost per lead

Let's work together.

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