Liebestipps is a German company, founded by Petra Fuerst, with a mission to help as many women as possible be comfortable, happy, and secure in their relationship. Whether that is improving your existing relationship, finding the man of your dreams or getting the love of your life back and repairing a previous relationship.

They have a wide variety of products available from bespoke 1-2-1 coaching to ebooks, seminars, and online coaching programmes ranging in price from €20 to €5,000.

They initially came to us for help after hearing our founders speak at an exclusive business group in Croatia. The main struggle they were facing with their marketing was being able to sell their high-ticket coaching programs consistently online.

Although they were creating a tonne of great content on different mediums, they hadn’t found a way of utilising that content in a digital marketing sense to predictably deliver new members and sales.


Create an evergreen marketing ecosystem that can profitably sell their primary coaching programs priced between $1,000 and $5,000 on autopilot.

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Work with their team to scale their revenue and profit.

Fix and plug any holes in their sales process.

Increase their market share, their level of brand awareness and become the go-to relationship coach in the German-speaking market.

Reduce their refund rate and deliver higher-quality customers.

Set up automated funnel tracking to monitor all the key metrics.

The Solution

This challenge was slightly different than our usual one. As Liebestipps currently operate exclusively in the German speaking market and we have no native German speakers on our team we took a heavy consulting and project management role.

After conducting an in-depth business audit, our solution was to develop multiple evergreen marketing funnels covering segmented audience demographics that take people from knowing nothing about the brand to purchasing a high ticket product with no human touch points.

As the offers ranged from $1,000+, we needed to ensure we plugged every step of the customer journey to make this ecosystem effective and added action based sequential retargeting campaigns throughout the entire process, from the content campaigns to generate brand awareness through to the checkout retargeting campaigns to handle purchase objections.

In order to achieve this we worked very closely with Petra and the awesome internal team at Liebestipps to develop the marketing assets, we built the sales pages, opt in pages and creatives and guided the Liebestipps team on copy creation, ad campaign strategy and content.

The Results

  • 1,003% ROI
  • $40,603 Spent
  • $407,832 sales generated
  • 25,000+ Leads Generated
  • $1.46 Average cost per lead
  • 3.31% Average CTR
  • Over 50% Reduction In Refunds
  • 2 Fully Evergreen Funnels

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