IELTS Advantage


IELTS Advantage helps students from every country in the world achieve the level required to pass their International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. An English Language Proficiency test that is usually required to unlock new academic and professional opportunities and migration opportunities for non-english speaking people.

IELTS Advantage approached SV to help make revenue more predictable. In their previous format IELTS Advantage were running sporadic launches and generating $30,000 on average a launch with very few sales in between.

In the time period working with IELTS Advantage we have helped the company build a predictable income level and increased monthly revenue by over 1133% which is still continuing to grow.


Take a larger percentage of their diverse audience into a sale.

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Help transition their income from an unpredictable launch model into an evergreen predictable revenue stream whilst growing their sales volume.

Build an ecosystem of marketing channels that identify consumers in a host of countries across the world and take them from not knowing IELTS Advantage into buying a premium priced product.

Founder of IELTS Advantage

Chris Pell

The Solution

The solution was to build a multi touch marketing ecosystem that utilises advanced re-marketing over multiple platforms and builds value with prospects over time in order to sell IELTS Advantages world-leading, premium priced products. In the build out of this ecosystem we have developed well over 1,000 ad tests.

We created multiple evergreen mini 5-day challenges encompassing many different facets of the IELTS exam delivering huge free value (and amplifying brand awareness) to take a large worldwide audience on a journey from knowing nothing about IELTSAdvantage into a purchase, allowing IELTS Advantage to make consistent daily sales vs the unpredictable launch format they were previously following.

We re-designed all sales materials such as sales pages and opt in pages to generate a higher conversion rate.

We segmented cold audience targeting to bring a relevant audience into the world of IELTS Advantage.

The Results

  • 1,133% Increase In Monthly Revenue
  • Predictable Monthly Income
  • 71% Reduction In Cost Per Purchase
  • 630% Increase In Lead To Sale Rate
  • 16% Increase In Unique CTR
  • 600,000+ Page Likes Attributed To Ads
  • 25,000,000 Post Engagements On Ads
  • Complete Customer Retargeting Journey Developed

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