Founded in 2015 by Jamie Alderton the GrenadeFIT8 has become a global leading fat loss challenge. The purpose of the business is to help customers improve their body composition with online personal training. Jamie and his team of trainers are passionate and enthusiastic about helping all of their customers and pride themselves in the results they produce.


Deliver a significant increase in digital sales

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Help GrenadeFit stand out in a saturated market where people are being bombarded with offers and programmes whilst staying true to the morals and values of the brand.

Work with founder Jamie in tracking data to interpret what type of content is building the biggest emotional value with prospects in order to make sales at a good cost per aquisition.

Build out cold traffic and retargeting campaigns using content in order to take the biggest percentage of audience to sale.

The Solution

The solution came when Jamie was introduced to SV-Marketing. Despite speaking to multiple agencies SV understood their brand, image and message that GrenadeFIT8 was all about. After signing up with SV it took no longer then 14 days to get started.

The approach used capitalised on buyer psychology to not just make sales but nurture a relationship which has helped to increase sales whilst decrease cost per acquisition.

By combining engaging content created by GrenadeFit founder Jamie Alderton and coupling it with a digital strategy. Moving prospects along a journey via none commitment content.

Making them more engaged with the brand and when we finally ask for a sale…it’s a natural decision rather than forced one for the prospects.

The Results

  • 67% increase in digital sales
  • 755% return on ad spend
  • £8,592 in total ad spend
  • £73,457 in total sales
  • 755% total ROI

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