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Create Business Hub offers a new kind of workspace in the heart of Brentwood, Essex. Before coming to life, Create Business Hub noticed that organisations looking for office spaces outside of London had to put up with drab and uninspiring places to work for too long. Together, they assembled a team of experts from; interior designers, architects, I.T. specialists, and plenty of creative thinkers to construct a more immersive and stimulating workspace.

Now, with a dedicated team, great location and personal touches, Create Business Hub continues to inspire businesses and help the productivity of many employees, as well as accompanying the new wave of freelancers and remote workers. 

Whether it’s hot-desking, a dedicated or virtual office, Create Business Hub will energise you to forget about dull Mondays, mundane Wednesdays and clock watching Fridays, and instead say hello to looking forward to your working week!

The challenge presented to us was to staple CBH as the go-to office space for creative professionals who wanted to benefit from the London lifestyle, without having to travel to and from the capital. With plenty of competitors in this space, increasing brand awareness and dominating impression share would be essential, with the ultimate goal of selling out all working spaces.


Fill All Available Office Space And Generate Leads For Less Than £60 Per Acquisition

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Introduce a comprehensive multi-platform digital strategy to improve overall marketing competence

Enhance the online presence and awareness of the brand

Dominate the impression share for local office space queries

Educate and inform the target audience about working in Essex

The Solution

To achieve our objectives, we focused on building out high performing Google Search campaigns, targeting Essex and surrounding areas specifically.

We knew the campaign's success would heavily rely on the keywords chosen, ad copy tested and user landing page experience. Therefore, these were all a big focus!

Through market research we were able to anticipate which keywords would best perform with our audience. In addition, discover which keywords would rank well in search with regards to the topic. As a result, we were able to maximise the number of leads generated, signalling more interest in the brand.

After choosing our keywords, we tested a range of ad copy which highlighted various offers, angles and benefit points. This gave us a much better understanding of what the audience was receptive to so we could increase engagement and volume of leads. While understanding how to improve click through rate, we could also improve our Quality Scores and generate lower CPCs, ultimately helping us run even more ads within budget. 

Positively, this perpetual testing of ad copy benefited our Google Search campaigns further by uncovering which language to leverage on the landing page. Not only did we alter the dialect, we also redesigned the entire layout and feel of Create Business Hub’s page. Our main focus with the redesign was to prevent people from ‘dropping off’ before converting into leads. Therefore, the user journey was simplified and CTA buttons were taken advantage of, instantly compelling visitors to click through to the next step.

While it would be impossible to prevent all ‘drop offs’, retargeting campaigns were built out on Facebook to re-capture the audience's attention. Although Google Ads were great in helping us signal new prospects - through its wide reach and user intent, Facebook offers the opportunity to; provide more information, apply the voice of the brand and demonstrate what the offices look like.

In order to identify audiences for Create Business Hub, Observation audiences for broad targeting were set up within the Google campaigns. Here, we were able to monitor how ads performed for particular segments of our audience. With more data, bid adjustments can be applied to target those ‘hotter’ for the service.

Towards the end of 2021, we were successful in helping Create Business Hub reach full capacity. To ensure spaces could be filled quickly after opening up again, we have since implemented waiting list campaigns to generate further leads.

The Results

  • 147% increase in conversions and lead volume
  • 307% increase in lead acquisition conversion rate
  • 65% reduction in cost per acquisition increasing overall profitability
  • Best ever recorded month of for lead volume and lead cost
  • Facebook and Google conversion campaigns generated leads consistently under the overall target CPA of £60
  • Office space was filled with a variety of professionals and organisations, that would’ve never previously considered communal working space
  • Over 150,000 video views educating the local population about CBH and working in Essex vs London with an engagement cost of £0.01 per person
  • Achieved greater impression share metrics than larger competitors on Google and dominated the top 3 paid search rankings for 6 months
  • Create Business Hub’s offices reached full capacity in November 2021 and now hosts a waiting list for new business acquired from ads

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