CNP has been at the pinnacle of the sports nutrition industry for over 20 years with one definitive mission - helping people reach their goals. Whether that’s powering through a training session, keeping on top of nutritional needs or taking their sports performance to the next level. CNP acts as the solution for dedicated athletes looking for supplements that deliver and enhance ability. 

In order to keep pushing the brand forward, the time came for the brand to evolve. Not just in relation to their products and branding, but in relation to scalability with a comprehensive advertisement strategy set to educate inspire and resonate with both their target demographic of serious gym-goers and those new to training.

We initially undertook an audit to assess CNP’s existing ad campaigns and online marketing efforts. Instantly we were able to identify areas of improvement and proposed a vetted action plan to deploy creatives and audiences which would drive huge amounts of relevant traffic to the site that converts into paying customers. 


We were aware that sports nutrition is a very crowded marketplace, with new supplement companies appearing every month delivering new products with very good marketing campaigns. It was important for us to really focus on why CNP should be chosen over any other supplement brand and to ultimately open CNP to a new audience. With this mind, we had 3 primary objectives to focus on:

Increase the profitability of the digital campaigns

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Scale the website revenue

Increase brand awareness

We not only wanted to get an increase of people buying from the main website, but also buying in their local gyms, preferred supplement store or Amazon to assist in driving the presence of the brand and retail sales. To do this we really needed to focus on selling WHY CNP over any other supplement brand in such a crowded market and open CNP to an entirely new audience.

The Solution

Phase 1 - Developed a strategy for each core product group

To achieve the primary objectives, in a post iOS 14 environment, we knew developing fresh creatives was the key to success. More specifically, we knew we had to move away from the ordinary creatives that did nothing other than placing a product in front of the audiences face and hope they buy.

Before swapping out ad creatives, we constructed a unique campaign strategy for each core product group including product awareness, conversion and multi-stage retargeting which were designed to educate people on why particular products were beneficial and to what type of consumer and to overcome objections to sale.

Phase 2 - Creative Testing

We then developed an extensive testing strategy, firstly introducing multiple styles of creatives, ranging from high production brand shots to authentic user generated content and purely educational content. In doing so, we could build social proof and provide helpful content, alot of which was not even supplemented related but content that tied in to CNPs overall mission - to help people achieve their goals.

After building greater product awareness, and providing genuine value to new audiences, we focused on discovering what had the biggest impact on engagement. Was it flavour, brand history, product quality, trust, social proof or something else? By acknowledging common traits, we were able to double down on language which resonated best.

This gave us the upper hand when enhancing conversion rate. Previously, short copy was used predominantly within the ad account. Introducing much longer copy variants with top performing language styles, massively increased the conversion rate at the top of the funnel. Highlighting core benefits of the supplements, how they were developed and how they increased performance resulted in heightened perceived value and increased trust with the consumer.

After improving engagement and conversion metrics for existing audiences, with new ad creatives, the next phase of development encompassed testing new audiences.

Phase 3 - Audience Testing

We tested brand new interest based audiences, with the aim to reach newer gymgoers, while deepening the relationship with long term customers and gymgoers. Interestingly, cold traffic campaigns performed very well during early stages. CNP had historically struggled to make digital conversions from cold campaign and didn’t have any cold purchases in the entire month before we started work. We hit the ground running and managed to drop the cold traffic cost per acquisition by a crazy 95% (compared to a 2 month period). The new cold campaigns were achieving a similar profibaility in comparison to the pre-existing retargeting campaigns!

On the notion of retargeting, there were holes in audience reach when assessing the overall online marketing strategy for CNP. We wanted to ensure that once someone entered the site, they got specific drop off retargeting relevant to the key product categories visited.

We implemented both action and non-action based sequential retargeting campaigns throughout the entire process, from the content campaigns to generate brand awareness through to the checkout retargeting campaigns to handle purchase objections

And all of this in just one month resulted in:

The Results


  • 270% increase in tracked purchases
  • 501% increase in conversion rate
  • 308% increase in tracked revenue
  • 279% increase in tracked return on ad spend
  • 70.9% decrease in tracked cost per purchase
  • 270% increase in number of ads tested
  • 593% increase in engagement
  • 16.4% increase in total online / offline sales

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