The Backstrong Chair started out as a crowdfunding campaign after industrial designer Jim Grove and Dr Dennis Colonello combined forces to fund the production of a revolutionary ergonomic office chair design.

With the help of 1,667 Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers raising $781,000, All33 managed to bring that promise to life with breakthrough technology that has helped thousands of people improve their health and wellness while reducing suffering related to back/neck pain at the same time.

As they grew quicker and stronger, All33 tried multiple digital strategies to scale their business including Facebook advertisement but with the luxurious chair having a higher price point than others in the market, they struggled to generate purchases at a profitable rate.

We initially undertook an audit to assess their existing strategy and online marketing efforts and instantly identified areas where they could improve to not only increase purchase volume but bring down the cost per purchase as well.


Generate a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 210% or more.

Alongside our main objective, we also wanted to:

Develop and Implement a multi-phase targeting ecosystem in order to increase the conversion rate and overall marketing efficiency.

Consistently acquire cold purchases for less than $300 whilst increasing ad spend.

Increase the digital presence and awareness of the brand.

Identify a number of new audiences which can generate profitable conversions consistently for cold traffic.

Building a better foundation to scale upon so we can consistently generate a high volume of purchases for an extended period of time.

The Solution

The strategy we developed to achieve the objectives was to create a multi-phase retargeting ecosystem maximising the number of people who are entering a purchase journey and signalling interest in the brand, taking a large amount of those people in a sale.

From implementing an organised testing procedure at every step of the user journey, our plan was to test different offers, angles mediums and creatives to grasp a better understanding of what their audience was most receptive to so we could increase engagement and purchase volume.

To achieve this, we created a variety of social media campaigns at each step of the buyer journey designed to amplify their offers, drive large amounts of relevant traffic to the site and generate a high volume of profitable sales from cold and retargeting traffic.

As the offers ranged between $700 and $800, a higher cost than the majority of the market, we needed to ensure we plugged every step of the customer journey to make this ecosystem effective, overcome any buyer objection by backing up our claims evidentially and developing more trust in the brand.

We implemented both action and non-action based sequential retargeting campaigns throughout the entire process, from the content campaigns to generate brand awareness through to the checkout retargeting campaigns to handle purchase objections.

With a variety of multi-purpose campaigns running at the same time, we knew optimisation and delivery was going to be an important factor for maintaining a strong ROAS consistently. Seeing as Alll33 had only tried traditional conversion campaigns in the past with no optimisation strategy, we timelined and created CBO and cost control campaigns in addition to traditional campaigns knowing that CBO campaigns, in particular, can often produce more profitable conversions due to automation. We also created a performance indicator so we knew when to turn off specific adverts which would allow best performing adverts to spend more, generating conversions at a cheaper rate.

The Results

Growth In 2021:

  • Profitably scaled ad spend by 98.28%
  • Increased revenue by 82.20%
  • Increased orders by 89.15%
  • $200 reduction in the cost per purchase
  • Increased average order value by 6%
  • Hit over 8 figures in sales
  • Biggest recorded sales month
  • Biggest recorded sales day

Platform-Specific Achievements

  • Generated over 1,800 purchases with a 2.35 ROAS after increasing daily ad spend on Google Adwords by 435%
  • Deployed Microsoft ads strategy and generated over 700 purchases worth over $285,000 in 12 weeks.
  • Generated over $6,000,000 in sales from Facebook ads alone in alignment with target ROAS

What Happened When SV Took Over Facebook Ads In 2020:

  • Reduced Facebook Cost Per Purchase by $200
  • Increased purchase volume by 235 from 16% less ad spend
  • 187% increase in ROAS
  • $100,000 extra revenue generated from $98,000 less ad spend
  • Click -Through Rate increased by 25%
  • Conversion increased by 16%

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